LinKinVax announces a collaboration with GTP Bioways for the development and production of its second-generation vaccine against SARS-CoV-2

15 March 2022

Paris, Toulouse – March 15th 2022 – LinKinVax, a clinical-stage biotech company, is announcing a collaboration with GTP Bioways for the development and production of its second-generation pan-coronavirus vaccine aimed at preventing Covid-19.

With this collaboration, the two companies are strengthening a partnership that initially focused on developing products from the VRI/INSERM vaccine platform, which LinKinVax is now exploiting under an exclusive global licence. The agreement with GTP Bioways relates to the development of a new vaccine, from development of the cell line to production of a clinical batch to be tested in a clinical trial.

LinKinVax’s innovative technology is based on a monoclonal antibody that directly targets dentritic cells (  Dendritic Cells  ; DC), which play a fundamental role in stimulating and regulating immune responses within the immune system. This second-generation vaccine is unique because it targets sequences of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants, but also common sequences that feature in other viruses of the same family, with the aim of inducing extensive and long-lasting immune responses. It has been optimised using advances in bio-informatics.

Finally, this protein-based vaccine uses technology capable of supporting high production volumes and logistics compatible with large-scale vaccination.

André-Jacques Auberton-Herv , Chairman and Co-Founder of LinKinVax, said: “I am very happy with this new collaboration between LinKinVax and GTP Bioways, a key partner for the decisive phase of biotherapy development and production in France. This agreement covers the production of clinical batches of our second-generation vaccine against Covid-19. Our aim is to start clinical trials in mid-2023 and to make a long-term contribution to managing the health-related and economic risks that the pandemic poses.”

Alain Sainsot, Chairman of GTP Bioways, said: “We are delighted to be taking our partnership with LinKinVax to the next level in the vaccine sector, in which GTP Bioways is strengthening its positions. The agreement illustrates the alliance between French excellence in R&D and the rise of France’s bioproduction sector. Our clear ambition is to help biotechs develop newgeneration biological products and turn those innovations into drug candidates.”

Thanks to the potential of its technology platform and the advances in its portfolio, LinKinVax aims to make a decisive contribution to the global public health challenges of infectious diseases and cancer.

About LinKinVax technology

LinKinVax’s vaccine platform is built around a humanized monoclonal antibody, which is merged with regions of pathogens of interest, targeting the CD40 molecule expressed by dendritic cells, DC, which play a key role in stimulating the immune system. The results obtained demonstrate the benefits of this strategy owing to the small quantity of antigens required to activate the immune system, with or without an adjuvant, and its ability to trigger a lasting cellular and humoral and immune response. The platform also benefits from the experience and safety profile of the protein-based vaccines that have been widely used for over 30 years now.

Three products are in or about to enter clinical trials: a prophylactic vaccine for HIV, currently in phase I led by Inserm/ANRS-EID), a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine covering variants of interest, and a therapeutic vaccine for human papillomavirus-related cancers.

About LinKinVax

LinKinVax was founded in 2020 and is led by two internationally renowned personalities in the worlds of medicine, industry and business, namely Andr -Jacques Auberton-Herv , Honorary Chairman and founder of SOITEC, and Prof. Yves Levy, MD, PhD, immunologist, and Director of the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI/INSERM/UPEC). LinKinVax is developing an innovative protein-based vaccine platform that can accelerate availability of vaccines by leveraging the research conducted at the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI). This DC Targeting-based protein vaccine platform can adapt to changes and mutations in the target pathogens.

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About GTP Bioways

GTP Bioways is a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), offering a unique service in developing production processes and manufacturing biotherapies, antibodydrug conjugates and nanomedicines.

With its development and production sites based in France, GTP Bioways supports biopharma companies aiming to develop innovative molecules, from R&D through to clinical trials, thanks to its GMP production development and aseptic filling capabilities. GTP Bioways has a strategic partnership with the Fareva group for the operation of the GMP clinical antibody production facility in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France).

The majority of the Toulouse-based company’s shareholders are French. The various members of the GTP Bioways group will generate a turnover of €20 million in 2022. It employs 60 staff.

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