LINKINVAX and INSERM TRANSFERT enter into an exclusive woldwild licensing agreement

3 February 2022


Paris, February 3 rd,2022 – LinKinVax, a clinical-stage biotech company, is announcing the signing of an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Inserm Transfert to develop a vaccine strategy with an innovative mechanism of action. 

LinKinVax is developing a vaccine platform that directly targets dendritic cells. (« Dendritic Cells»; DC). These cells play a crucial role in the immune system, stimulating and regulating immune responses. 

The agreement with Inserm Transfert covers industrial and commercial use, and the management by LinKinVax of several families of patents related to preventative and therapeutic vaccines for HIV, SARS-CoV-2, human papillomavirus-related cancers, and Chlamydia infections. 

This technology is predicated on work conducted by the Mondor Institute for Biomedical Research (IMRB, U955 Inserm – Université Paris Est Créteil, UPEC) within the Vaccine Research Institute/Inserm (VRI) lab set up in 2011 by the University of Paris Est Créteil and ANRS/Inserm. The innovation, developed in collaboration with Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, directly targets dendritic cells in order to stimulate immune defenses. This research has accelerated adaptation of this vaccine platform to several infectious agents, including SARS-CoV-2 with a universal approach to cover multiple variants. 

This technology transfer illustrates the ability to transform French public-sector life sciences research into an ambitious biotech project. We look forward to demonstrating clinically the efficacy and robustness of our innovative products, including against SARS-CoV-2 variants, and providing another weapon for the global public health issues”, commented André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, Chairman and CEO of LinKinVax

I’m delighted about this agreement, that will contribute to further raise the international profile of the research being conducted by the Joint Research Unit U955’s teams. Development of highly innovative vaccine platform is tremendously promising, and we firmly believe that its technology has the potential to help meet the growing number of healthcare challenges”, added Pascale Augé, Chairman of the Executive Management Board of Inserm Transfert. 

About LinKinVax technology 

LinKinVax’s vaccine platform is built around a humanized monoclonal antibody, which is merged with regions of pathogens of interest, targeting the CD40 molecule expressed by dendritic cells, DC, which play a key role in stimulating the immune system. The results obtained demonstrate the benefits of this strategy owing to the small quantity of antigens required to activate the immune system, with or without an adjuvant, and its ability to trigger a lasting cellular and humoral and immune response. The platform also benefits from the experience and safety profile of the protein-based vaccines that have been widely used for over 30 years now. 

Three products are in or about to enter clinical trials: a prophylactic vaccine for HIV, currently in phase I led by Inserm/ANRS-EID), a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine covering variants of interest, and a therapeutic vaccine for human papillomavirus-related cancers. 

About LinKinVax 

LinKinVax was founded in 2020 and is led by two internationally renowned personalities in the worlds of medicine, industry and business, namely André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, Honorary Chairman and founder of SOITEC, and Prof. Yves Levy, MD, PhD, immunologist, and Director of the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI/INSERM/UPEC). LinKinVax is developing an innovative protein-based vaccine platform that can accelerate availability of vaccines by leveraging the research conducted at the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI). This DC Targeting-based protein vaccine platform can adapt to changes and mutations in the target pathogens. For further information, please visit 

About Inserm Transfert 

Inserm Transfert, the private subsidiary of the French National Institute of the Health and Medical Research (Inserm), is responsible for value creation of innovations of Inserm and its academic partners in human health and promotes long-term technology transfers in line with international best practices. Inserm Transfert SA was founded in 2000, and manages, under a Public Service Management Contract (Délégation de Service Public), the entire promotion and transfer of knowledge emerging from the Inserm research laboratories to the industrial world, from invention disclosure to industrial partnerships and startups incorporation. Inserm Transfert also offers services relating to setting up and managing national, European, and international projects, as well as supporting the technology transfer of clinical research and health data/databases. In 2009, Inserm Transfert and Inserm established an investment fund to finance proofs of concept. In 2005, Inserm Transfert Initiative, a dedicated seed money fund for life sciences, was created. Since 2017 a pathway for pre-entrepreneurship supports researchers/inventors who aspire to become involved in entrepreneurship. 

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