A prominent physician-scientist

Pr. Yves Lévy

Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Founder

Yves Lévy MD, PhD is Professor of clinical immunology. He was appointed CEO and Chairman of INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical research) from 2014-2018. He serves also as Chairman President of the Alliance for Health and Life Sciences (Aviesan) of the main stakeholders of life and health sciences in France.

In the last 25 years, Pr Y. Lévy’s research activities have focused on field of immunology and infectious diseases, immune-based therapies and development of vaccines against HIV and also other infectious diseases. From 1996 to 2021, he led several INSERM research teams in France and in USA.

Pr Y. Lévy has created the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI). The VRI’s structure strengthens the links between basic, translational research, patients’ associations and the socioeconomic world to develop vaccines against (re)-emerging pathogens. The VRI includes a large network of teams In France, Europe and US gathering key international opinion leaders through a unique collaborative network and with a central strategic plan.

In his career Pr Y. Lévy has moved up to ten candidate vaccines until clinical development through academic or public/ industrial partnership. Through this expertise, Pr Y. Lévy has been instrumental in designing and implementing early proof-of-concept and Phase 3 clinical trials in France, Europe and internationally. Y. Lévy has published more than 250 original papers.

In his recent positions, Y. Lévy was appointed by the previous General Secretary of the United Nations as an expert member of the UN “Global Health Crises” Task Force in 2016 till 2018 and “Special Envoy” of the French Government for the coordination of the fight against Ebola in Central Africa in 2019.